Why Wayne launched the Wayne Richard Radio Show

wayne-richardThe challenging battle to return our country to its Judaea Christian constitutional foundation has just begun. We must be steadfast in our determination if we are to pass on to future generations the blessing of liberty we have enjoyed due to the sacrifices of our forefathers. Our liberties are under attack and we must be fearless and diligent if we are to be victorious. As a radio host and activist, I pledge to each of you, my audience, that I will tirelessly endeavor to effectively and forcefully share our conservative message to the best of my ability and with the lord’s blessing make a positive contribution to America and Texas.

Due to FCC regulations, The Wayne Richard Show will be off the air while Wayne is a candidate seeking political office.
The show will return at the end of the election cycle.

Visit the WayneRichardShow.com to listen to past shows