Wayne Richard Continues to Receive Significant Endorsements from Conservative Republican Leaders

“Wayne Richard will be a terrific State Republican Executive Committee member. He is a proven principled leader and has courageously challenged “politics as usual.” As a servant leader, Wayne enjoys encouraging his fellow citizens to participate in the process of self-government. Wayne is astute concerning policy issues and an effective advocate for our shared conservative Republican ideals. I hope that my friends in Senate District 8 will join me in supporting Wayne Richard for the State Republican Executive Committee.”

Cathie Adams, President of Texas Eagle Forum, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

“I respect Wayne Richard. He is a man of integrity that will take on a challenge in the face of long odds… because it is the right thing to do. I have witnessed it personally many times. He is willing to stand and speak… when others are content to remain silent. He is willing to take a risk… when others are still calculating the costs and waiting for better timing. He is the type of man we need in this day and time… who will stand for righteousness and liberty. I am thankful that we still have men like Wayne who are willing to take on iniquity and corruption and stand for the common man, traditional values, and the Constitution. I am thankful to call him my friend and I pray for his success in his future endeavors.”

Daniel Rudd Caucus Chair Texas Republican Party

“Wayne Richard will make a wonderful contribution on the State Republican Executive Committee. He consistently promotes our conservative Republican message, stands boldly for smaller government and private sector economic growth. He is a man of integrity and it will be an honor to serve alongside him.”

Jean McIver
SREC Senate District 12

“Wayne Richard is a strong Republican conservative, a patriot who is willing to fight for Texas values and principles. As a member of the State Board of Education, I have witnessed the progressive’s agenda to undermine our education system and ultimately diminish America’s role as a world leader.
When American exceptionalism was being attacked by the leftists and a movement was underway to remove it from our state curriculum, Wayne stepped up and gave an impassioned and powerful speech to the SBOE defending America and what it stands for. Wayne will defend and support our Texas Republican platform and the values we hold dear. We need Wayne Richard as our representative in the SREC!”

Geraldine “Tincy” Miller, State Board of Education, District 12

“Wayne Richard will bring a strong combination of expertise to the SREC; active role in conservative Texas politics, years of experience as a successful business owner, and a proven aptitude for critical thinking on conservative political issues as a talk radio host.
Wayne has the natural ability to articulate the Conservative Republican message as outlined in the Republican Party of Texas platform and is the candidate that will best represent the constituents of District 8. Honored and proud to fully endorse Wayne for SREC SD8 Committeeman and look forward to working with him as we continue to promote the Republican Party of Texas platform.”

Nathan Derr – SREC Senate District 2

“From time to time an individual who “gets it” steps up and runs for political office. Wayne Richard is one of those individuals. Wayne has been at the forefront of extremely important Texas issues such as C SCOPE and illegal immigration long before most people were even aware of the issues. We need representatives who are able to understand complex issues and are willing to take a principled stand against bad policy. I strongly endorse Wayne in his bid for the SREC.”

Rebecca Forest
*President/Co-Founder, Women On The Wall
*Past President/Co-Founder, Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas
*Note: Organization names used for identification purposes only and not intended as an endorsement by either organization.

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Collin County Conservative Republicans endorse Wayne Richard for State Republican Executive Committee – Senate District 8.


As you may know, each Texas Senate District has a Committeeman and a Committeewoman elected from the district to represent them on the State Republican Executive Committee. Neal Katz is the current SREC Committeeman for SD8 and is completing his fourth and final term. SD 8 GOP convention delegates will vote for a new SD 8 Committeeman on Friday, June 6th. CCCR has reviewed the candidates in this race and made the following endorsement:

“The Collin County Conservative Republicans (CCCR) proudly endorse Wayne Richard for State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) SD 8 committeeman. Wayne has been a tireless advocate and defender of our conservative values – both fiscally and socially – and has demonstrated he is willing to fight for what he believes in. Wayne has both the business and political experience to hit the ground running as our representative on the SREC, and has the proven ability to effectively articulate a consistent, conservative message on our behalf to the state party. It is essential that we send a strong, conservative committeeman to represent us in Austin on the SREC, and Wayne Richard is that man.”

–Derek V. Baker
President, CCCR

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Our Conservative Message

One of the foremost challenges the Republican Party faces today is to effectively convey our conservative message. We all recognize the main stream media will not assist us in this effort. A key responsibility for a State Republican Executive Committee member (SREC) is to inform, educate and motivate the public; to help them understand and ultimately embrace our conservative principles. Wayne Richard, a radio host and public speaker has the experience and courage necessary to effectively represent us, the citizens of Senate District 8.

As a Delegate to the Texas GOP convention in June, you will have the opportunity to vote for a true conservative who has demonstrated the ability to articulate and promote our Republican platform.

Wayne will represent us with integrity, dignity and honesty; exactly the kind of leader we need for these uncertain times. StandWithWayne & StandForLiberty!

Wayne Richard, public speaker, activist and conservative radio host, has moderated and testified at numerous political events and interviewed notable figures such as John Bolton, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Steve Forbes.

  Wayne was honored to conduct an interview with Texas Governor Rick Perry at the North East Tarrant Tea Party.

Wayne was honored to conduct an interview with Texas Governor Rick Perry at the North East Tarrant Tea Party.

Wayne interviewing Michelle Bachman at the National GOP Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Wayne interviewing Michelle Bachman at the National GOP Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Wayne moderating and testifying to members of the Texas House and Senate on Agenda 21.

Wayne moderating and testifying to members of the Texas House and Senate on Agenda 21.

Vote for Wayne Richard, Candidate for SREC Committeman, Senate District 8. The SREC vote takes place on June 6, 2014 at 8:00am, Texas GOP Convention, Ft. Worth, Texas.

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Being educated is half the battle – showing up is how you win!

Over the past few months and weeks we have seen an emergence of patriotic individual’s stepping up to defend freedom and liberty.

Recall the brave efforts put forth by men and women known as the “greatest generation” as they marched into Washington to protest the National Park Service’s move to shut down open-air memorials in Washington such as the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial. We are reminded of this episode as during the time of this writing Obama’s nominee for the Department of Health and Human Services is Sylvia Mathews Burwell. Ms Burwell wrote the memo that put into action the closing down of American memorials.

More recently we witnessed hundreds of patriots willing to stare down the barrel of federal land management thugs as they fought the unconstitutional confiscation of a rancher’s private property. I still find it hard to believe the purposeful intimidation American citizens were subjected to by our government.

We can thank social media and what many refer to as the alternative media for getting the word out; in essence for educating the people as to the events unfolding threatening fellow Americans. Pray we as a nation do not abdicate responsibility and ownership of nor allow the government to control the Internet. But that is an issue for a future editorial.

The purpose of my writing today is to emphasize the importance of remaining ever diligent in the battle for liberty. The first step in this battle to be educated and the second is simply to show up.

As of late, Texas is referred to as a battle ground state. Democrats have a bull’s eye on our back. They realize if they can gain a bridgehead here it will force our Republican National Party to expend precious resources keeping Texas Red; resources that would best be allocated in other states sharing our conservative message.

I realize not all can or would be willing to stare down the barrel of a gun in the defense of liberty. But I would submit to you, each of us can and should be aware as to what is transpiring in the world, country and state.

To each of you who are willing to stand tall against tyranny, bless you. To the majority who cannot, you too have a responsibility to stand tall albeit in a far less hazardous activity.

Show up and VOTE!

Vote for the candidate who is willing to stand tall. To stand against the federal encroachment that has become all too frequent. Candidates who understand the challenges we as a state and nation face. Candidates with a backbone made of titanium.

VOTE in great numbers for conservative patriots. Large turnouts at the polls will demonstrate to the progressives that Texas is a lost cause in their battle to erode our nations GOD given freedom. That here in Texas we will all stand tall for national and Texas sovereignty. Force the progressives to allocate their resources elsewhere. Your vote will boldly exclaim; Don’t Mess With Texas!

Wayne Richard


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Wayne Richard for Republican Executive Commitee

APRIL 2014

Plano businessman and conservative radio talk show host, Wayne Richard, is announcing his candidacy for The State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) Senate District 8.  The seat is currently held by Neil Katz.  Mr. Katz has successfully served Collin County for six years and will not be seeking reelection due to term limits.

Richard is the founder and president of a technology company he launched 24 years ago as well as a conservative political radio host.  Richard is running to ensure Collin County is represented in a manner consistent with the vibrancy and financial strength this area provides to the State of Texas.

Wayne stated, “As a business owner, I understand how to establish and work within a budget, meet payroll, and implement an effective strategy and marketing campaign. One of the responsibilities of the SREC is to ensure our party is financially strong and in a position to support and promote the conservative principles of our state platform.  The SREC members  also work to assist and support the best political candidates in their campaign efforts.  Having been a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives several years ago, I understand the challenges, nuances and strategies of running a campaign.  My company specializes in Internet based solutions and social media, two disciplines that the Republican Party must embrace and promote if we are to remain competitive with the Democratic machine”.

Wayne is also a strong supporter of our second amendment rights, pro-life legislation and opposes unfunded mandates from Washington.

“I am a driven conservative who has articulated our message on the radio for years and now I believe it is time to help promote our conservative agenda from the inside.  I can successfully accomplish this objective by representing Senate District 8 in the SREC” said, Wayne Richard.

Wayne is a graduate of SMU COX School of Business and has been married to his wife Susan for 22 years. They have lived in Plano 14 years and are members of Prestonwood Baptist Church as well as numerous Republican Party and civic organizations. Wayne serves on the Salvation Army Plano Advisory Board as well being the former Chairman on the SMU Business School Alumni Board of Directors where he continues to serve.



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