Wayne Richard – A Conservative Republican Leader Fighting for Common Sense Conservative Values

Wayne Richard believes that big government is having a detrimental impact on the private sector and our economy. America and Texas has always been about liberty and freedom. By developing business-friendly policies that enable wealth creation and personal liberty Texas can lead the nation out of recession.

Who is Wayne?

  • Wayne is a self-made businessman and is the only candidate in the race who has created jobs, met a payroll and balanced a budget
  • Wayne consistently articulates bold conservative principles through the media outlet he launched
  • Wayne is a passionate, principled leader who will share, defend and promote our conservative message in Austin

What Does Wayne Stand For?

  • Wayne believes taxes should be kept low to promote a stronger economy, more private sector jobs and more individual freedom
  • Wayne believes the role of government should be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Wayne supports reducing property taxes
  • Wayne will work to improve our public education system through more transparency, accountability, efficiency and innovation
  • Wayne believes we must eliminate any and all components remaining of the unfair and unconstitutional Robin Hood School Tax
  • Wayne supports zero based budgeting in order to reduce wasteful government spending
  • Wayne opposes Obama Care
  • Wayne is a prolife supporter
  • Wayne is opposed to C-Scope and Common Core curriculum
  • Wayne will defend Texas’ Oil and Gas Industry and other natural resources from Federal regulations
  • Wayne is strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment
  • Wayne will fight for Texas sovereignty (10th amendment)